São Paulo, Brazil – Bonobo Tec announces a major update to it’s robust document management platform, PAPEROFF.  This fall they will release a package full of features focused on performance, such as batch capture, web capture, external capture, document workflow, automatic indexing through QR Code and OCR, in order to facilitate the structured input of documents in the system, allowing users to quickly analyze the compliance of processes and easily find any corporate content with just a few clicks.

By adopting the Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing model and a very intuitive interface, PAPEROFF frees organizations from the very high costs of licensing, deployment and training, offering virtually instant return on investment.

The PAPEROFF ECM Suite was built with a clear focus on security and uses resources and technologies adopted in the banking sector, where the company also sought labor with a high level of maturity and specialization to achieve their objectives. The company will also launch in early 2018 an upgrade of the platform that will make it multi-lingual. This new feature is part of Bonobo Tec‘s strategy to expand its business to the international market.

Want to learn more about the platform? Access www.paperoff.com.br